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4-year-old 'rapes' classmate: Delhi Police looks for CCTV footage

A 4-year-old boy was booked for rape after the girl alleged that he used his fingers as well as a sharpened pencil to sexually assault her in school premises.

New Delhi: Delhi Police on Thursday said that it is looking for CCTV footage to confirm allegations that a four-year-old boy raped his classmate of the same age in a Delhi school.
As per an FIR filed by her parents, the girl had complained of pain in her private parts after coming back from school last Friday. The next day, she said that a boy in her class had used his fingers as well as a sharpened pencil to sexually assault her on the premises of Delhi's Maxfort School in Dwarka.
The boy has been booked for rape after Rockland Hospital confirmed sexual assault and Delhi Police is now looking for video evidence of the incident. "Various aspects are being analysed. We are also looking for CCTV footage or if anything was captured. The medical report of the victim will also be looked into," Delhi Police's spokesperson Dependra Pathak said.
Pathak also added that the possibility of school staff's role would be looked into. This after the parents of the girl had accused the school management of laxity. They have said a school teacher and the school coordinator, on being told about the incident, feigned ignorance and offered no concrete assistance. 
The school principal too - reportedly - did not provide any relief, and further refused to divulge details of the accused student.
In a statement to the media, the girl's mother said that she has asked the school authorities to sack the principal, the teacher concerned and the counsellor, issue a public apology on Facebook and refund her two years’ school fee with interest.
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