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Bill Clinton faces fresh allegations of sexual assault by 4 women

Reports said that the incidents took place after Clinton was out of the White House.

In fresh trouble for former US president Bill Clinton, four women have made fresh allegations of sexual assault against him. According to Daily Mail, the former president allegedly assaulted the women in early 2000s.
The women, who have made the allegations, were at the time of incident employed at the organisation of Ron Burkle, playboy billionaire investor.
However, reports also say that the incidents took place after Clinton was out of the White House.
The Telegraph reported that the incidents might have occurred when Clinton helped Burkle in his business and flew around in his private luxurious jets with flock of young women.
Though the complainants remain anonymous, but they are reportedly planning to file four separate lawsuits against the former US president.
Clinton has faced many cases of sexual assault and harassment. The most famous case against him is concerning her affair with Monica Lewinsky, who was an intern at the White House. The scandal came to light in 1998.
Years later, addressing Forbes’ Under-30 Summit, Lewinsky had narrated how she was the first person whose global humiliation was driven by the Internet as overnight she went from being a “completely private figure to a publicly humiliated one”.
A “tell-all” book released in 2014 had also claimed that Clinton’s steamy phone sex with Lewinsky was used for blackmail by Israel.
Author Daniel Halper had also claimed that the former US president included British actress Elizabeth Hurley on a "hit list" of women he wanted and that UK, Israeli and Russian spies monitored the X-rated calls, the Mirror reported.
The book `Clinton, Inc.` claims while Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu used the tapes to try to get Clinton to free Jonathan Pollard, an American jailed for spying for the Middle East country.
In the run up to the US presidential elections 2016, Democrat Hillary Clinton, the wife of Bill Clinton, had said that she had “moved on”. Clinton had said she was unwilling to talk about the scandal that nearly ended her husband's presidency.
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